Szymon Stępniak

Szymon Stępniak

Who am I?

Passionate Software Developer
I'm a passionate software developer who strongly believes in software craftsmanship principles and cares about the values of developed software. I also follow Agile Software Development principles, trying to deliver fit-sized products with high quality base code. I don't like to repeat myself - that's why I try to automate as many things and process as I can. I started my professional career in October 2006 as a PHP developer, working remotely as a freelancer for about 4 years. In January 2012 I started working on Java/Groovy (Grails) and Spring Framework projects as a team leader in a small IT company located in Toruń, Poland.
Continuous Lerner
I'm a continuous learner who is aware that being a professional software developer means constant improvement of all possessed skills. I spend my free time reading books (mostly IT related ones), participating in on-line courses at, writing blog posts or improving my coding ninja skills.
Toruń JUG
I'm an originator and a co-founder of Toruń JUG - our local Java User Group. I help the community in organizing monthly meetups and other social events (e.g. after parties, group trips to conferences). I also occasionally speak at the meetings.
I've played the guitar since I was 14. It taught me discipline (I was practicing about 8 hours a day), creativity (writing my own music) and also that practice makes perfect. In 2003-2005 I played in a 2 sludge metal bands that were founded by me. We ended up with 2 albums recorded in our home studio and a few gigs played in our hometown.

What can I do for you?

I am open to interesting job opportunities. You can hire me as a:

Software Developer - I can join your technical team to help you improve your product. If you care about your product and you're interested in delivering real value to your customers, I'm here to make those things happen. I can join your team locally, although I'm also open for working remotely.

IT consultant - I will train your team members on how to improve their productivity and technical skills. I can help your organization in creating better software that will increase your income and improve the level of happiness of your customers.

Feel free to contact me » szymon.stepniak(at) You can also find me on LinkedIn and GoldenLine (in Polish)


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